Air Trek has excellent service, they are timely professional, and efficient.

Wayne Palmer

Excellent Service, Timely, Professional and Efficient.

Healthcare Professional Healthcare Case Manager Florida Healthcare Professional

After my husbands stay at the hospital in Dallas, we transported him from Dallas to Mississippi using another air ambulance. We used another air ambulance because your rates were much higher coming from Florida. So I had the opportunity to compare 2 air ambulance services. Your service was by far superior. Everything about your service…

–Family Member, Florida Florida Resident

I am sad to say my mother passed away on May 26th, 2010 very peacefully after a courageous battle with congestive heart failure. She was a very brave lady and if she could, would also express her thanks to all of the crew and nurses and those who made her final trip home possible. Again,…

– Family Member, MI Michigan Resident

It had been a long time since I set up an air transport and your team was great in 'walking' me through and answering all my questions. It was a very painless experience! Thank You.

–Case Manager, Punta Gorda, FL Healthcare Case Manager

We want to thank Stephanie Griffith (pre-flight arrangements coordinator) and Joy (gave frequent updates the day of the flight) for their patient assistance. Although we assume they have other responsibilities in their work, it seemed as if they were working for us and us alone. From our experience with Air Trek, we can highly recommend…

–Family Member, PA